Top 5 Best ds Emulator for android phones in 2020

Some Best ds Emulator for gaming in android

Hi everyone if you are seriously looking for best DSM you later than you are at the right place here I have given the topmost 5 DS emulators you can use this DS emulator and you can play all the PSP games on your smartphone that is in your Android phone. 

Playing games is an art and everyone likes to play games on their smartphone nowadays people are not choosing PSP PlayStation for playing the games. Since smartphones became a part of life so everyone trying to play the games on their Android phone so to play the PSP games in your Android phone we need to install DS emulators so that we can play the games smoothly as in a PSP.

best ds emulator

 I have given 5 of the important emulators for your smartphone so that you can install them try outlet out of all these given five topmost ever latest and start playing your PSP games on your smartphone.

Emulators are nothing but a mediator software or an application that will play the PSP games on their smartphone or on their iPhone.

So it is very important and necessary for the people who want to play the PSP games in the Smartphone downloading the emulator is mandatory. Lots of emulator applications that are present in the Play Store it is very difficult for the user to choose the best emulator for their smartphone.

We have picked the topmost 5 important and more emulators for the user you can pick one out of all these five emulators and use it for playing the PSP games in your smartphone.

List of the best ds emulator present in playstore in 2020

  1. DraStic DS Emulator
  2. EmuBox
  3. NDS Emulator
  4. nds4droid
  5. RetroArch
  • DraStic Emulator

The drastic emulator is a fast emulator for Android. It is the very super speed in playing the Nintendo games and many games in Android devices.

best ds emulator

Emulator basically enhances the game’s graphics 3D graphics two times than the original graphics present in the game.

Customize this emulator and place the options wherever we want and it also available for portrait mode and landscape mode.

We can save and resume progress and status anywhere.It can also increase the emulation speed with fast forward mode. You can tweak your gaming experience with thousands of cheat codes present in the emulator.

This is completely a paid version emulator we need to pay and purchase it from the Play Store.


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  • EmuBox

emu box is one of the best and fast emulators that is present in the Play Store.this is an all-time best ds Emulator and is very powerful. it is available in the landscape as well as portrait mode. It is all in all a complete Android Emulator full of different emulators that are present in this single emulator.

Some of the important features of EMU box emulator 

  1. This emulator has NDS emulator features.
  2. It also includes PSX emulator
  3. GBA emulator and GBC emulator, all included in this emulator.
  4. This is the first multi emulator with material design present in this.
  5. We can save and load the game state this emulator supports up to 20 slots for each rom
  6. If the Screenshot game time where ever you want to take a screenshot.
  7. It is a fast-forwarding supported emulator we can also play with external controllers.
  8. Has optimized performance.


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  • NDS Emulator

For a free DS emulators then this free DS emulators are for you cost you can download for free from the Play Store.

Some of the important features of these emulator

best ds emulator
  1. We can play DS games and also it supports NDS and zip.
  2. We can save the game state in this emulator.
  3. Full buttons and games are editable.
  4. it supports external control.
  5. Download and Discover more in this emulator.
  6. All the cool features are not paid all are free


  • nds4droid

Nds4droid is one of the best ds emulator as like a Nintendo. Is application is for free and also supports many feature that you didn’t expected. We can save the state sounds and also it supported game console.Emulator does not violate any of the GPL and it’s completely a open source emulator.


  • RetroArch

RetroArch is one of the another emulator which is used for playing the android phone emulator is completely free for user

Let us discuss some of the important features in this emulator

  1. We have eye Candy menu
  2. it can scan files and directories
  3. We can update everything
  4. Language support
  5. multiple player Support
  6. take screenshots and lots more for free.


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