Best video editing app for android free 2020 #Top 5 Apps

Video editing is an art if you are creative enough beautiful video editing on your smartphone. Shooting video and making it perfect can be done only with the help of video editing Android apps. There are many applications that are helpful for videos and image editing. But choosing the best video editing app for Android free and it is in editing makes a sense.

The art of video editing is one of the best qualities that a person can improve in his skills. The normal video gives you the best experience in storing your memory does normal video into super and perfect videos with help of some of the Android editing tools are applications for software makes is video better than normal video.

A personal computer is not everyone’s cup of tea but nowadays smartphones became very popular and each and everything can be done with a smartphone. Your videos and images and shooting your videos with a complete Android phone makes to shoot a beautiful and make your budget-friendly video footage.

Some of the android apps will give a variety of tools that help us to make our video perfect beautiful and colorful. Some of the features like adding the translations to our videos add in beautiful filters to our videos and also making videos for your YouTube and Instagram.

Lots of Android editing applications in the play store. I have collected some of the best Android apps for video editing in 2020

TOP 5 Best video editing app for Android free 2020


If you are seriously looking for the best video editing app for Android free and easy to use then you have the best application called video show. Here mainly focus on different kind of text VFX  and trendy filters and more transitions which make your images and videos into a beautiful and creative video.

And you can make your own blog videos and interesting Meme videos from your photos and images. Record beautiful wedding videos Valentine and Birthday videos in this video share application with simple steps.

some of the important features in this video show application

  1. Around 50 themes are available to create beautiful music video and slideshow and funny videos
  2. We can add background music and also the local music present on your phone.
  3. Stunning filters are present and moreover, 30 plus filters are present in this application
  4. Blur background and enhanced video quality is an added feature.
  5. Add multiple music tracks to the defined intervals
  6. Create beautiful and funny gifts from your images and make a video.

Video editing tools in video show

  1. Zoom in and zoom out which is used to focus the audience attention
  2. Fast motion and slow motion making the video and make it very nice
  3. The big is one of the important features you can add your own voice and also sound effects player video.
  4. We can  Doodle on the video and write whatever we want and also add emoticons and fonts.
  5. Themes affect filters and videos and images and fonts are present.
  6. Put the video into different qualities especially we can export the video and to HD.

This application mainly supports HD export quality there is no loss in video quality. Application easy for photo editor and also a wide variety of functions can be used. Hundreds of music are present in this application which are licensed. Don’t waste your time and install this best video editing app for Android free and start creating videos.



For the best video editing app for YouTube then you are at the right place here. kinemaster Application is the good best video editing app for Android free and is one of the best applications that are present in the Play Store which has beautiful features and especially if you are looking for the best video editor.

This is the best application in the Play Store which has multiple features and multiple customization options which helps users to edit their videos very beautifully.

Kinemaster application supports the videos off to 4K quality. Hindi application you can add your images and photos and videos and create a beautiful birthday wishing video wedding videos and different occasion videos in the kinemaster application.

Application has a complete capability to edit a short film in your Android phone if you are using an Android phone then kinemaster application is the best option for complete editing dubbing and voice-over process.

The highlight features in best video editing app for Android free 

  1. We can add and combine the multiple layers of images video stickers and special effects.
  2. Colour adjustment is a very powerful tool that is present in this application
  3. We can edit videos for YouTube Instagram WhatsApp and Facebook
  4. No watermark specialty is present in this application
  5. Reversing of videos is another feature present
  6. Different blending modes also present with different effects
  7. We can add background music voice-over and also a sound effect
  8. Tools like trim slice crop are present in this application for images and videos
  9. Have an assets store where you can download kinds of music stickers, transition, and effects
  10. speed  and time-lapse videos can be easily made in this kinemaster
  11. Chroma key is one of the best features that are present in the application
  12. keyframe Animation is another important tool.
  13. Export the videos up to 4K quality
  14. Colour filters make our videos stand out.



This application has the best quality and the best feature is included in a single application where you can edit beautiful short and most memorable images and videos on your smartphone. Then why make a late go and download the application without watermark.

Pretty and powerful video editor which is called filmorago and this application has many features and more focused on filters. We can Can you edit your videos in such a way that they look very classic and gives a classic look and classic filter.

This application is very easy to use and it has many more features that no other application has. We can say this is one of the best video editing app for Android free if you are looking for the best editing app for Android free it is very easy that a newbie can also learn editing in this application.

This application has basically three steps so that you can edit your videos. Select the video or image from your gallery. create by clicking on themes is favorite music or filters all the transitions and titles. Share the edited video into your Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube.

some of the features present in the best video editing app for Android free

  1. We can import images and the videos into this application
  2. preview of videos in real-time so that we can see the preview
  3. support social networking like Facebook Instagram WhatsApp
  4. Stylish themes that are present in this application
  5. We can add dubbing and lip sync and also the soundtrack
  6. We can also add the music from our library and also download from the library inbuilt present
  7. Export video in 1: 1 ratio for Instagram
  8. 16:9 ratio video exporting feature for YouTube
  9. We can play the video and reverse the video which looks like a magic trick
  10.  classic transitions you like  split shutter zoom are some of the features 
  11. Overlay sand filters which will surprise our videos  movie FX are also present in this application
  12. Elements like we have a video next level by adding immersion  still motion graphics to our images and videos
  13. Editing operations can be done single press button



Hi everyone so inshot is one of the most popular video editing Android app. Krishna has a variety of features and a variety of fertility and tools that will enhance your videos. This inshot application can be basically used for editing videos for Tik Tok YouTube Instagram and WhatsApp.

Application has many features which are included in video trimmer video splitter and video much are the important features. We have lots of videos exporting quality you can export your videos of two HD formats and we have thousand plus tickets in this application which is an added advantage.

Most of the features that are present in this the best video editing app for Android free

  1. Free full features for a video editor
  2. Video and images collage
  3. Add the music to videos
  4. Video filters and video effects
  5. Font stickers
  6. Control speed
  7. Ratio and background
  8. Video cropper

Features that are present in this best Android editing application just install this application and try all the features that are provided in this application.



Hi everyone are you looking for the best smartphone Android application which can be used to make your videos stunning and creative. Here is best video editing app for Android free which makes stunning and high-quality videos are nothing but the PowerDirector APK.

This application has all the stunning features and outstanding video beautiful and creative and makes the professional videos. The application can be used for short filming through your smartphone.

You can edit you can tab you can add transitions you can add filters everything in single application cal PowerDirector.

Tools in best video editing app for android free is PowerDirector application

  1. All features for free
  2. Can edit and export videos into 4K resolution
  3. Fast forward and slow-motion videos with speed adjustment
  4. Shaky camera footage and video is also present
  5. Replace the background and green screen is an option which is included in this app
  6. We can create a double exposure effect and have blending options and modes
  7. We can edit videos for YouTube Instagram and Facebook in this application
  8. Tools like rotate trim split can be done on the videos 

Is one of the best application for complete video editing and if you want to make your video professionally good. And this is an application that has all the brightness control feature saturation and color precision.

Pictures and images and videos together and create beautiful videos of wedding and birthday.

Why waste the time then go and download this application and create beautiful stunning videos for your YouTube and blogs.


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