Best video player for android smartphone 2020

Best video player for android 2020

So in this article, we are going to discuss the best video player for Android application. There are many applications that are present in the play Store. This article I am going to discuss one of the best video players for your smartphone which can have multiple features like multiple customizations of videos and you can play the video in various formats and various resolutions and various colors.

KMPlayer application mainly has many features that are very different from other applications and that this application is very handy users can use it very simply without any difficulty.

 best video player

This application interface looks very cool and it has all the features that an application supposed to have.

This KMPlayer which always supports various HD 4K 8k Ultra HD full HD playback formats so that you can play all this kind of format videos in your smartphone very easily.

Application mainly focus on listing out all the videos and music that are present in a smartphone.

Features Best video player for Android

  1. This application supports HD 4K 8k Ultra HD videos
  2. Colour adjustment change in color brightness saturation
  3. This best video player has zoomed-in video and zooms out the video while watching
  4. Button and select and specify power player options
  5. Beautiful UI and music and video player back UI
  6. Subtitle setting change the subtitle color size position
  7. Timer function video music timer functions
  8. Invert left-right upside down
  9. Search function to search the video on music We want
  10. Listing of videos and create a music list
  11. External storage support
  12. Private connection server by FTP
  13. Cloud play music content with Google Drive


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