Best camera app for android free download #5

Best camera app for android for free

Photo is very important and it became a part of our life. Photos every time nowadays smartphones became the best gadget where we can take lots of selfies and lots of photos in our smartphone at each and every minute. Taking these photos and posting it and social networking sites. There are many applications that are present in the play store.

best camera app for android

Many applications that are present in the Play Store I have picked some of the best camera app for Android. These applications are very powerful and are very beautiful in shooting your photos.

nowadays smartphones are coming with a very powerful camera. Became a habit to every people taking selfies and posting on social media. whatever the photo we take you should have a very nice quality then only the photo will have a good impact.

Photo taking is an art and taking the photo with the proper smartphone or a good camera will make your photo beautiful. I will Suggest the topmost 5 Android applications which will make your photos better and beautiful.

Phone become a part of our life and smartphone has each and every possible feature that is included in this. The one most important feature that the smartphone is ruling is the camera. 

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what is the use of camera app

The inbuilt camera doesn’t have lots of features so it’s better to go with the custom camera applications where you have lots of customization for your photos and videos.

A third-party app for  Smartphone camera will allow you to shoot professional videos with all different kinds of superpower like stabilization image quality image clarity brightness adjustment.

List of some of the best camera app for android

  1. Camera FV-5 Lite.
  2. Open Camera.
  3. Gcam.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV 5 is one of the professional camera app for android and video shooting applications. It has all the custom features for the camera. Custom features like brightness control light adjustment saturation exposure and also ISO control.

Some of the important features of this camera fV 5

  1. Is all the sensor parameters that are present in this application like ISO light metering.
  2. We can change the sensor parameters during recording and shooting.
  3. Focus lock during video shooting is another important feature.
  4. Professional viewfinder and 10 plus crop guidelines available
  5. The electronic viewfinder is present
  6. You can use external audio source are the inbuilt audio source for recording our video
  7. Video of  4K and Ultra HD
  8. Supports autofocus macro touch and also Infinity focus modes are present.
  9. Zooming while recording and after recording up to 35 mm equal and basal focal length display present.
  10. This is one of the most powerful applications and third-party customization camera apps for Android.



The open camera is the most interesting and useful application for taking photos and videos as well.Open camera application has all the customization features where you can customize your photo.

It is very useful for a normal and a beginner to take photos using open camera applications. Features that are provided in this open camera App is a third-party app is very customizable.

best camera app for android

Discuss some of the  features  in the camera app 

  1. Auto stabilizer
  2. Exposure camera functionality
  3. Remotely video photo taking
  4. Upside and downside all sides views
  5. Overlay and grids
  6. GPS location tagging
  7. Panorama and camera Fonts
  8. Supports HDR
  9. Video export 4K quality
  10. On-screen histogram Zebra strip
  11. Focus bracketing mode
  12. External mic support



Gcam is another interesting camera apps for android that has all the custom provided for free. Gcam is a third party application that is especially focused on the camera and video shooting. Gcam application is very famous as a custom application for shooting photos professionally.

It is not present in the Play Store you need to install this third party application from Google. Gcam is one of the best Android apps where you can install customize your photos in such a way that they look like they were shot in digital cameras



cymera the app is one of the most interesting photo-taking applications. This application is famous for most of the important filters are present. Very beautiful and magical filters are present in this application.

Each filter has each different characteristics and this application has different tools that are very essential in removing pimples face the darkness. The famous application in Play Store and has a better rating.

Important features in the cymera application

  1. Collage maker
  2. Love  filter
  3. Layout items
  4. v Shaped face
  5. Makeup style
  6. Body and face editors are present
  7. Vintage and natural and lemon for skin different filters are present
  8. Text memes healthy skin features  AR face stickers 
  9. Instafit and more other features are present



This is the one of brand new smartphone camera app which is full of and loaded with all the features. This application especially focus on photos and even you can take videos in this application

This application has a smart feature which takes your photos very properly and videos with extraordinary and stunning quality.

Some of the important features of camera app for Android

  1. Simple and bold free user interface
  2. Amazing photo and video quality
  3. Burst mode effect
  4. Animated gifs are present
  5. Exposure in different areas
  6. Slow-motion recording present
  7. Manual focus and shutter speed control
  8. Snapshot during video recording hDR and timelapse present


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