Latest Google camera apk Free Download 2020

Google camera apk free download for Android

If you are looking for Google camera apk free download then you are at the right place. Where did Google camera application for free? Google camera C Application is one of the products of Google. This application mainly has all the different powerful camera features. Google camera basically works with artificial intelligence so that it detects your face and also takes  The Portrait shots very perfectly.

Google Camera is one of the powerful Android camera application with stunning features than the normal application. Google camera mainly focuses on the user interface is very easy and simple a normal user can also take the photos.

Google pixel camera apk mainly has four modes portrait mode, camera mode, video mode, and also other modes where you can take panorama photos. Google camera mainly gives the user with good quality of photo or video. we can take the video with high quality with the Google camera application.

The most important features that Google camera has implemented in this application are the HDR and diesel exposure controls. Night sight is one of the important features that is included in Google camera apk.

Super Zoom another stunning feature that is included in the Google camera application which is very useful that is not present in the normal camera of mobile phones.

Some of the important Google camera apk free download features

Google camera application has HDR mode and also dual exposure controls where we can take the fantastic HDR photos by controlling the exposure of the photos.

Most of the cameras don’t have night sight feature google camera has night sight feature which is very useful in taking the photos at night time. Superzoom important feature that is included in the Google camera which can zoom your photos or videos to a maximum extent of your mobile camera capacity.

The top shot is an important feature in Google camera Android application where it automatically selects the best picture out of all the images you have taken.

Normal cameras don’t have the capacity to take the Portrait shots but Google camera application will give us portrait shots for photos as well as videos. Which is an important feature that Google camera is having?

Google lens feature will help us to detect the product price and details by simply scanning the image or a product from this Google camera application. The playground is an Innovative feature that is added into Google camera apk free download where users can deal with AR stickers which are very funny to use.

The top shot is another important feature that is present only in the Google camera Android app. The portrait is important and must necessarily feature that only Google camera application provides for your smartphone.

Also, it has a Google lens suggesting this feature that no other smartphone Android camera application doesn’t have.

How to install Google camera apk in your PC

  1. Download BlueStacks software  in PC
  2. Open the BlueStacks software
  3. Click on the apps
  4. Google camera application
  5. Install the application and try


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Scanning paper scanning document scanning and translation all can be done with this Google camera apk. Bokeh effect photos background changing photos can also be taken with Google camera apk free download Android app.

The camera application is one of the powerful Android application that any user can use for their Android phone. This application is free for Android users and it will work perfectly on the Android devices which running on android Pie and above versions.


Is google camera safe

yes googel camera is safe to use as it is product of google

can i take potrait photoes in google camera

yes we can take potrait videos and photoes in google camera application

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